Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd Dog Facts

Exercise Requirement:
Affection Level:
Very affectionate
Very protective
Grooming Maintenance:
Temperature Preference:
Can cope with a wide range of temperatures
Typical Lifespan:
12-15 years

About the Australian Shepherd Breed

The Australian Shepherd is a very athletic dog, of a medium size. It is particularly agile. It has a high enough endurance to herd all day without losing any of the speed or power required to stop bolting livestock in an emergency. It can change direction very, very quickly.

It has a medium-length coat that is weather resistant and will either be straight or wavy. It has a mottled colouring, and will often be white, black, grey, and tan, all at once. It has a friendly face that people will find adorable. Some of this breed will have naturally docked tails, while others may have had them docked surgically at birth. Some retain their long tails.

Unlike the Australian Cattle Dog, the Australian Shepherd is not actually Australian. Rather, it first arrived in America from Australia, and is thought to have originated in Europe before being taken to Australia. Because of the rugged and harsh conditions that the dog had to work under in Australia and the west of America, it was bred to be able to cope, making it a superb shepherd even in the worst of conditions.

It is an intelligent dog, obedient and trainable. It is protective and can be reserved with strangers, but will be a truly devoted companion to a loving owner. But, on the flip side, it is unsuited to be left to live in a yard because of how important human contact is to it. It would likely suffer emotionally if left to live outdoors.