Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain dog

Dog Facts

Working dog
Exercise Requirement:
Affection Level:
Moderately protective
Grooming Maintenance:
Temperature Preference:
Typical Lifespan:
7-9 years

About the Bernese Mountain Dog

Although usually just a bit longer than tall, the Bernese Mountain Dog can look square due to its stocky build and thick coat. It is a very sturdy, strong dog, capable of draft work. It tends to move with a slow trot, steady but strong. It has high drive and a good reach, giving it a good working gait.

The dog is recognisable by the colouring to its coat. Made of a combination of fawn, white, black and brown, the coat is striking and attractive to many owners. The hair is fairly long, and is either straight or just slightly wavy. It provides good insulation from the cold and helps to make the dog look adorable, despite its size.

It is a very easy going dog, again despite its size, and is thought to have originated in Switzerland as a cross between a mastiff and a herding dog. It was put to work as a draft dog, a flock guard and a herder. It is one of four farm-type dogs to come out of Switzerland, along with the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. Possibly because of this, it is usually happy to cohabitate with other dogs and animals, and it is good with children. It's loyal nature shines through once it has left the adolescent stage, and it can be very devoted to its family.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is well adapted to cold weather, and prefers the chillier temperatures. Despite this, it could well suffer if left outside in the garden, not because of the exposure to the elements, but because it likes the companionship of its owner family. Being left outside can make it feel lonely. It needs daily exercise such as a walk on a leash or a more intensive hike, but it is likely to keep pulling on the lead due to its history as a draft worker.

The Bernese lifespan is fairly short however, living between seven and nine years. It can also drool.

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