Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier

Dog Stats

Exercise Requirement:
Affection Level:
Moderately affectionate
Not very protective but can make a good watchdog
Grooming Maintenance:
Temperature Preference:
Temperate; dislikes being too cold or too hot
Typical Lifespan:
10-14 years

About the Boston Terrier Breed

The Boston Terrier is a very square dog, built compact. It looks sturdy for a smaller dog, and enjoys a good run around outside. Bred in Boston, for which it was named, from a line of smaller and smaller dogs that originated as a crossbreed between an English Terrier and a Bulldog.

It is a very clean cut dog. It has a lot of characteristics of its Bulldog ancestors. Originally, the colours on the dog were not very intrinsic to breed recognition, but over the years, the black and white (or sometimes tan and white) markings became iconic. It has upright, triangular ears that are quite large for its head, and large eyes that look like they are almost on the sides of its head.

The size of the dog and the shortness of its coat helped to make the dog ideal for a house pet. It is usually well mannered inside the home, and can be very sensitive to the moods of its owners. Still, it has a playful side when outdoors or allowed to run rampant, and loves a good ball game. It can be shy of new people, and even aggressive towards other dogs. It can also have a tendency to bark a lot.

As mentioned, the coat is quite short and does not need very much grooming at all. However, this means that it has a low tolerance of cold temperatures. But, it also doesn't cope well when it is too hot, so this dog needs to be kept in a nice, temperate climate, or in a temperature controlled home. If breeding, it is not uncommon for the Boston Terrier to require a caesarean.

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