Canaan Dog

Canaan Dog

Dog Facts

Exercise Requirement:
Affection Level:
Moderately affectionate
Fairly protective
Medium - Large
Grooming Maintenance:
Temperature Preference:
Typical Lifespan:
12-13 years

About the Canaan Dog Breed

The Canaan Dog has all the traits that make a good herding dog, despite hailing from a different background to the majority of the herding dog population. It is a medium-to-large sized dog, and square in proportion, as well as having a good combination of strength, agility and endurance. It is able to change directions quickly, and can herd for a long time, keeping a vigilant check on flocks or cattle.

It has a fox-like (or even coyote-like) face, as it also comes from a hot, desert climate. The coat ranges from black to white and covers all shades of red and brown in between, with all kinds of mixings. It has low-set, erect ears, and has the characteristic silhouette of the primitive dog. The tails are often held upright, curling slightly over towards the back. It has a long muzzle and a wedge-shaped head.

The Canaan Dog doesn't share the background that many herding dogs do. It is thought to have roots that extend as far back as the time the Romans forced the Israelites out of their home land of Canaan (considered today to be the area of Israel, Lebanon and Jordan).

It is an intelligent dog, that was trained for use in armies, as well as being used as an excellent herder. It is usually companionable with humans, having been bred to work alongside them. It can be aggressive towards strange dogs, but usually gets on with ones inside the family, and is a natural guardian.

The dog will need brushing about once a week to remove dead hair and will need to be exercised daily, through either a long walk, or a vigorous game.

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