Chow Chow

Chow Chow

Dog Facts

Exercise Requirement:
Affection Level:
Can be affectionate if very socialised when young
Very protective and territorial
Grooming Maintenance:
Temperature Preference:
Typical Lifespan:
8-12 years

About the Chow Chow Breed

The Chow Chow has an appearance that disguises its strong build. A large, fluffy coat covers a square, powerful body with a heavy bone and well developed muscles. It has a build suitable for a wide range of tasks, from pulling to hunting to protecting. It has a unique, stilted gait due to the way its legs naturally angle.

It has a large coat, double layered, that protects it from the cold and wet. It has a woolly undercoat, but has either a straight, off standing outer coat or a smoother one, coloured either cream, blue, black, red or cinnamon. It has a big, fluffy tail that arcs up over its back, a scowling expression, and a black tongue, which are critical characteristics of the breed.

It is a very reserved dog, and is not very demonstrative. It can be suspicious of strangers, and has a bit of a reputation for being aggressive, despite its cuddly exterior. It is independent, but can be very loyal. It can be aggressive towards strange animals, but this is just a show of its serious and protective side.

Originating in northern China more than 2,000 years ago, the Chow Chow is one of the more ancient dog breeds. The origins of it have been lost in time, and it is unsure if it was bred from a number of dogs, or if it is the ancestor of several Spitz breeds. It has had a few low points in its history, with the quality and numbers of the breed decreasing, but it has always managed to survive, sometimes only through pure specimens being preserved at monasteries.

It needs daily outdoor exercise, but being fairly low energy, could get away with living in a flat. It is good at coping with cold climates, but the iconic coat becomes an issue on hot days, and makes the dog prone to heat stroke, so the Chow Chow needs to be kept cool.

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