Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Dog Description

An enigmatic fellow who requires a special owner as he is loving and stubborn at the same time. He is a playful and intelligent companion who deep down inside has a true terrier spirit and when aroused the Dandie can be a veritable demon who will tackle a fox or other small vermin. He thrives on human companionship and should not be left alone.

Dog Size:
Female Height:
8 - 11 inches
Male Weight
18 - 24 lbs
Female Weight:
18 - 24 lbs
Pepper (from bluish black to pale silvery gray) or mustard (from reddish brown to pale fawn).
Dog Coat Type:
Soft, linty undercoat and harder topcoat, not wiry and feeling crisp to the hand.
Independent, lively
With Children:
Yes, get along well with children who are older than 10
With Pets:
Yes, friendly with dogs, good with cats when raised together; rodents incite hunting drive
Special Skills:
Hunting dog and family pet
Care Info:
Regular grooming with a pin brush three times a week. Loose hair if left will soon mat. Long hours of regular exercise will keep him healthy and well adjusted. Has a tendency to dig and crawl under fences training should begin at a young age to discourage this type of behavior. Training of the young should be sympathetic, never harsh as he is a sensitive dog
Training Info:
Smart, but not always obedient. He excels in obedience, tracking and agility.
Learning Rate:
Living Environment Info:
Apartment is ok, home with a backyard and lots of human companionship
Health Issues Info:
Intervertebral disc disease
Life Span:
Litter Size:
History Info:
His origins are from the border of England and Scotland where he claims ancestry with the Bedlington Terrier, Skye Terrier, Otterhound and English Terrier. His name is from a character in literature "Dandie Dinmont" who appeared in the 1814 novel "Guy Mannering" written by Sir Walter Scott. Developed for hunting small game like badgers and foxes. Used by poacher and gypsies he was particularly good at tracking otters

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