Field Spaniel

Dog Description

The Field Spaniel is a combination of beauty and utility, well-balanced, substantial hunter-companion of medium size. Built for activity and endurance in heavy cover and water. A noble carriage, proud but docile attitude, sound and free-moving. He is a docile, affectionate, intelligent breed who is eager to please. Suited for family life he is also willing to work and is suited for hunting in open terrain.

Dog Size:
Female Height:
18 inches
Male Weight
35 - 50 lbs
Female Weight:
35 - 50 lbs
Black, liver or roan with tan markings; clear black, white or liver and white unacceptable
Dog Coat Type:
Long, flat and glossy, without curls; silky in texture
Responsive, friendly
With Children:
Yes, loves everyone
With Pets:
Yes, easy going, relates well
Special Skills:
Family pet and field sports dog
Very High
Care Info:
Moderate care of his silky coat is required. Recommended brushing for 5 minutes twice a week. Professional trimming should also been done a few times a year. Regular ear cleaning. Exercise is essential as he is a very active breed. Frequent runs on a leash and a fenced in back yard are suggested
Training Info:
Quick to learn they respond to the sound of your voice. Kind and consistent training is recommended
Learning Rate:
Living Environment Info:
A house with a fenced yard is essential. An owner of a Field Spaniel will need to spend a large amount of time walking and running this breed. Needs to be in contact with people as he will become neurotic if shut away in a kennel
Health Issues Info:
Hip dysplasia, eye problems and thyroid
Life Span:
10 - 12 Years
Litter Size:
United Kingdom
History Info:
At one time the sporting spaniel family were loosely classified as Field Spaniels, later the family was divided by weight, the larger dogs known as field spaniels the smaller ones Cocker Spaniels. Originally you could find a litter who would contain both. Beside the Cocker you will find Sussex, Irish Water and English Water Spaniel in his bloodline. In 1948 the Field Spaniel Society did considerable work to produce a better proportioned standard type breed

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