Irish Red and White Setter

Dog Description

Well-proportioned and athletic, he is powerful and good-natured. He is more heavily built than the Irish Setter. Aristocratic, keen and intelligent. Strong, powerful, well-balanced and proportioned without lumber. They display a kindly, friendly attitude, behind which is a discernible determination, courage and high spirit. May first appear aloof, but warms to companionship quickly.

Dog Size:
Female Height:
22 1/2 to 24
Male Weight
50 - 75 lbs
Female Weight:
50 - 75 lbs
The base color is white with solid red patches (clear islands of red color), both colors show the maximum of life and bloom
Dog Coat Type:
Long silky fine hair called "feathering" is present on the back of the fore and hind legs
Active, affectionate
With Children:
Yes, absolutely wonderful children's companion in every respect, from the first-time dog owner to seasoned experienced
With Pets:
Yes, but will chase the cat. Thrive on companionship of their own kind
Special Skills:
Care Info:
Low-maintenance, regular brushing, nail and ear care. Regular grooming as a pup is a useful tool in the bonding experience, leading to trust when training begins
Training Info:
Very malleable, quick on the "uptake"
Learning Rate:
Living Environment Info:
Benefits from regular exercise but adjusts well to any living situation, provided they are regularly mentally challenged
Health Issues Info:
As the breed has not been "overbred" but selectively and carefully bred by educated, dedicated people, health problems presently are at a minimum. Dogs are nevertheless screened for the usual genetic faults, and currently, due to responsible breeding practices, we enjoy few, if any, congenital problems
Life Span:
10 - 15 Years
Litter Size:
History Info:
The original Irish at the turn of the eighteenth to nineteenth century was parti-colored, red and white. Red setters were rare and it was not until about 1850 that the American dollar influenced the breeder into producing the whole colored variety. It seems that it was from this time that the parti-colored member started its slow decline.

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