Irish Terrier

Dog Description

The Irish Terrier or Irish Red Terrier is a sturdy, strong in substance and bone structure, free from clumsiness dog. Speed, power, endurance are essential. He is neither cobby nor cloddy, but should be built on lines of speed with a graceful, racing outline. He makes an excellent companion whether a playmate, hiker, watchdog or just a footwarmer. Loyal to ever member of the family, he is a top-notch terrier but is known for his fighting spirit.

Dog Size:
Female Height:
18 - 19 inches
Male Weight
25 - 27 lbs
Female Weight:
25 - 27 lbs
Whole-colored, preferably red, red wheaten, or yellow-red; small amount of white on chest acceptable
Dog Coat Type:
Harsh and wiry
Determined, friendly
With Children:
Yes, loves to play with children
With Pets:
Yes, but will not stand for other pets to dominate him
Special Skills:
Hunting dog, watchdog and family pet
Very High
Care Info:
Regular brushing and combing will keep his coat in top notch condition. The more he is groomed, the more beautiful the coat will be. Hand strip the coat twice a year. This will maintain the texture and color of his coat. Bathe only when necessary. Check ears, teeth and nails regularly.
Training Info:
Exercise should consist of games with human contact, long walks on a leash and free run in a fenced yard. Responds well to training, but require firm handling with consistent, tactful training
Learning Rate:
Living Environment Info:
Apartment is adequate if sufficient exercise is given. Should not be left alone for long periods of time as he may bark incessantly or try to dig his way out of the yard. An owner of an Irish Terrier needs to be a confident leader who is willing to train this active breed who is both obstinate and sensitive
Health Issues Info:
Kidney or bladder stones, corns on the feet, hereditary urinary problems
Life Span:
13 - 16 Years
Litter Size:
4 - 6
History Info:
He is possible the oldest of the terrier breeds to have come from Ireland. Not much has been documented of his past, but he was used as a working farm dog and guard dog in Ireland for centuries. During World War I, the Irish Terrier was used as a messenger dog in the trenches and acquired a reputation for being fearless and intelligent

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