Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin

Dog Facts

Exercise Requirement:
Affection Level:
Very affectionate
Not protective
Grooming Maintenance:
Medium - high
Temperature Preference:
Typical Lifespan:
12-14 years

About the Japanese Chin Breed

This small, square proportioned dog has a lively expression which is mirrored in the in its gait. The Japanese Chin moves in a quick and quirky way. It is very small, and has been in use for a long time as a companion and a lap dog. It has a unique way of standing on its back legs and turning in a small circle, an act sometimes called the 'chin spin'. It holds itself proudly with its head high.

This stance is not surprising, considering they have been used by nobles, most notably in Japan, for hundreds of years as a lap warmer and a companion, particularly for women. The word "Chin" is in fact a Japanese word for royalty. This dog was bred for a life of luxury. Despite the name, however, it is more likely that the Japanese Chin originated in China.

The actual chin of the dog is quite small, however, as it has a flattened and scrunched up face. This has led to the development of a very unique sneeze/wheeze sound that the dog will occasionally make.

It is a very devoted companion dog, and it loves to sit in laps. The Japanese Chin will also likely develop a habit of shadowing its owner. It enjoys sharing warmth with its owner, and always aims to please.

The coat of the Chin needs to be groomed at least twice a week because it is quite long and so needs to be kept clean and fresh. Despite the long coat, it can't be left to live outside, but you should be careful that it doesn't overheat when indoors.

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