Dog Facts

Exercise Requirement:
Affection Level:
slightly affectionate
Very protective
Grooming Maintenance:
Temperature Preference:
Cool - temperate
Typical Lifespan:
9-12 years

About the Hungarian Kuvasz Breed

This noble dog is gentle looking, but has a fearsome side. The Hungarian Kuvasz has been used excessively as a herding and livestock dog, intelligent enough to look after and herd cattle or sheep while also being ferocious enough when needed to defend them from predators. Despite this, it isn't a bulky dog, and is instead light footed with a free and easy gait. It is slightly rectangular in proportion and only has a medium bone.

The Kuvasz is a tall dog with a dense, white coat which is neither straight nor curly, and can come in any form of wavy style. The dog is supposedly related to the Komondor, and this can be seen in their similar herding behaviour and the coat colour. The cream coloured coat helped the shepherds to distinguish the dogs from any predators, and also helped them blend into the flocks to hide from approaching predators.

The Kuvasz is a very old breed, and was bred to work with humans and to defend herds and flocks. As a result, it is a friendly, intelligent dog, that is good with family members and even other pets. However, it can be reserved with strangers and needs to be well socialised when young. Furthermore, although it is a good guardian for children, you have to be careful that it doesn't mistake rough and tumble child's play for aggressive behaviour, or it may turn aggressive itself. It is usually very loyal, but can, if not trained properly, become domineering.

The coat needs brushing once or twice a week, and even more during shedding season. It needs access to both the house and a garden, so it can get outside, yet also keep an eye on its family.

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