Manchester Terrier

Manchester Terrier

Dog Facts

Exercise Requirement:
Affection Level:
Very affectionate
Not very protective
Small – medium (depending on type)
Grooming Maintenance:
Low maintenance
Temperature Preference:
Temperate - warm
Typical Lifespan:
15-16 years

About the Manchester Terrier Breed

The Manchester Terrier was initially bred from a terrier cross and a Whippet in an attempt to create the best rat baiting dog possible. The attempt succeeded; the Manchester Terrier, was an amazing ratter, and soon began to be used outside of rat baiting pits to keep rat populations down.

The Manchester Terrier is lithe, racy and compact. It has a lot of muscle, but is also aerodynamic, and the shape of its body is reminiscent of a Whippet, with thin, tapered legs. It is agile and strong, perfect for chasing down rodents. There are different sizes of this terrier; the medium-sized standard and the small toy. As well as being physically smaller, the toy also tends to have upright ears, whereas the standard’s ears flop over.

Brown and tan, the coat of both types of the Manchester Terrier is short, smooth and glossy. Tan legs, belly, snout marks and eyebrow marks act as highlights to the overall black coat. Care for this short coat is minimal, and just needs a brush every so often to clear out dead hair.

A busy dog, the time the Manchester Terrier isn't spending nosing around, it likes to nap by its owner’s side. It can be reserved with strangers, but loves its family. However, it may chase small animals, especially rodents.

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