American Cocker Spaniel

 American Cocker Spaniel

American Cocker Spaniel Dog Facts

Gun dog
Exercise Requirement:
Affection Level:
Not very protective
Grooming Maintenance:
Temperature Preference:
Typical Lifespan:
12-15 years

About the American Cocker Spaniel

The American Cocker Spaniel is a small dog that is fairly compact. It can effortlessly cover a large amount of ground, like many gun dogs. Originally used to flush game out from undergrowth, it is happy in country settings, and loves to roam in the fields. It is inquisitive and curious and will likely spend a lot of time sniffing around and amusing itself while on a walk. However, it can still thrive in an urban area and can be happy trotting along on a lead.

Its small frame helps to make sure it can navigate bushes and shrubbery easily, but its coat is now generally much longer than it used to be, which can hinder its use as a gun dog. The longer hair around the feet can end up carrying debris, and so needs brushing two to three times a week. It has a very characteristic, friendly face, framed by large hanging ears.

Its inquisitive nature and high energy make it a very friendly and loving pet. It will be friendly towards its owners, strangers, and other pets. This unfortunately makes it not very protective and a terrible guard dog, but does make a fun loving friend that is happy to be around people.

Consequently, it can't be kept outside as it will quickly become lonely and sad, so should be kept inside the home. Some individuals can bark a lot, but this breed is fairly submissive.

It does have a tendency to become overweight, which should be watched out for. It can also require a lot of cleanliness attention to the eyes and ears.