Man arrested for mocking a dog belonging to the Thai King

A man is facing just under 40 years in jail for making sarcastic posts about the King of Thailand’s dog.

Thai factory worker Thanakorn Siripaiboon wrote a series of “sarcastic” posts on social media, mocking the king’s dog, Thongdaeng (a name which translates to “Copper”).

Thongdaeng is a national icon, and the much beloved companion of King Bhumibol, who rescued her when she was taken into a medical centre as part of a litter of a stray dog.

The dog is very iconic to the people of Thailand, and an animated film based on her was number two in the Thai box office last year.

The man is being charged under lèse-majesté style laws (which translated from French “injured majesty”) a series of laws which stop people from insulting the King or the royal family.

The controversial Thai lèse-majesté laws have been levelled at more and more people on a wider scale over recent years, experts report, and recently, the Times newspaper has had articles discussing Thai laws edited out of publications sold in the country.

The exact insults that Thanakorn posted were not published or shared by the government that arrested him.

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