Why Does the New Legislation for Pet Shops Matter?

Recent government legislation will ban the sale of puppies in pet shops. For some, it may be difficult to see why this is important. The image of a puppy in a pet shop appears innocent and wholesome, but the reality presents a stark contrast. Before the ban is implemented later in 2018, it is important for potential pet owners to know why it matters.

Lack of Regulations Leave Dogs Vulnerable

The trade in puppies is highly prolific in England, with 700,000 dogs present on the market each year. Environment secretary Michael Gove enacted the ban following warnings from the RSPCA. Buying a puppy from a pet shop are third-party sales that aren’t properly regulated.

Sick puppies can be sold as healthy, even if they have various health problems that can’t be instantly recognised by potential owners. It is also difficult for the consumer to obtain information about the mother. Puppies can be bred in sub-standard conditions and are often taken away from their mothers too soon, which can lead to problems.

Avoid Pet Shops and Visit Breeders or Rescue Centres Instead

If potential dog owners are opting to buy a specific breed, they should contact the breeder directly. Before this, there must be a level of trust established through extensive research. Furthermore, it is also important for consumers to know if they are capable of owning a dog.

Puppies Are More Work Than People Realise

People should consider whether they can invest enough time, energy and money into having a dog. Some owners don’t find out until after the purchase that they are unable to do so, thus dogs become at risk of abandonment or being moved to an unsuitable home.

When purchasing a dog, consumers aren’t meant to receive their dog the same day they inquire about it. Additionally, a first visit with a puppy should only be at the breeder’s home.

Ask The Right Questions Before Taking a Dog Home

Potential owners must ask the appropriate questions. They should find out about the mother to identify any potential problems that the puppy might have. Then, consumers need to ask if the animal involved has been microchipped and vaccinated. Good breeders should happily pass on this information and buyers should be given a well-adjusted and socialised dog in perfect health.

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