Police dogs to get their own pension

Police dogs are set to receive a £1,500 pension to help care for them when they are retired from the force.

The taxpayer-funded scheme will begin next month, as part of a trial being run by Nottinghamshire Police.

According to the region’s police and crime commissioner Paddy Tipping, around six police dogs are taken out of service across the country every year – with the handler taking them home with them, where they will live out the remainder of their lives.

The cash will be used to pay for things like dog food and medical bills.

Previously, the expenses laid out to pay for the animal’s care was footed by the handler – who could not be reimbursed.

Under the new initiative, police dogs will receive up to £500 per year for their first three years after leaving their post.

It means that the scheme will cost the Nottinghamshire force around £39,000 to fund its 26 dogs.

However, the news has drawn criticism from some quarters, who have said that the plan is not fair on the taxpayer.

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