Great Pyrenees found mourning friend at roadside

A heart breaking story has come to light which once again highlights how loyal and loving dogs can be.

An image taken on the side of a highway in Dallas showed a Great Pyrenees standing guard over another dog who had seemingly been struck by a car and died.

The great white dog was sitting and guarding his friend “like a statue”, as an animal advocate, Julie Fennell told NBC.

The image was taken next to Dallas Fort Worth National Cemetery, and it is unknown how long the dog was sitting with the body in mourning.

Passersby alerted the local animal shelter to the lone canine, and they sent out a rescue worker.

Neither of the dogs were microchipped, making it very hard to discern their origins, or who their owners were.

This means that it will be very difficult to return the dogs to the owner, had they escaped, or to hold the owner accountable, had they been dumped.

As well as the strong and loyal relationships that dogs can form, this story sadly also highlights the need to get pets microchipped.

The Great Pyrenees was taken to Dallas Animal Services, and, after being held for 72 hours in case the owner came forward, he was transferred to SPIN, a specialist Great Pyrenees animal rehoming centre.

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