Ironically named dog accidentally shoots owner

A woman has suffered an awful injury in the US, as a result of lax gun safety measures, and an ironically named dog.

While out hunting in the US State of Indiana, one woman, Allie Carter, 25, was injured after laying her hunting weapon down on the ground.

The gun was a 12-gauge shotgun, and Ms Carter unfortunately didn’t put the safety on.

Despite this, there may still have not been an incident, had she not had her chocolate Labrador with her.

Having taken her dog out with her to hunt waterfowl, her pet was there at just the wrong time to step on the weapon and set it off, shooting Ms Carter in the foot!

The dog involved is quite ironically named Trigger!

According to an Indiana conservation officer, Jonathon Boyd, reported by the BBC, said that Ms Carter has been released from hospital, having been treated for injuries to the foot and toes.

The Tri-County Fish and Wildlife Area, where the accident occurred, is about 140 miles north of Indianapolis.

This report does highlight an issue with gun safety, and the dangers of hunting. Mr Boyd said that Ms Carter had not completed a hunter education course.

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