Britain’s First Hospice for Dogs has been Launched

After witnessing the heartbreak of old and terminally ill dogs being abandoned by their owners, 46-year-old Nicola Coyle set up the Grey Muzzle Canine Hospice. The former nurse takes in dogs who are terminally ill or face being euthanised. Each dog has a bucket list to live out their final days happily. This hospice for dogs is entirely unique and highlights that dogs shouldn’t be forgotten or abandoned just because they’re gravely ill or old.

How do Dogs Get to the Hospice?

Usually, the dogs come from kennels, vet surgeries or charities where they face being put down if they aren’t re-homed within seven days. Ms Coyle runs the organisation entirely from her own home and each dog is treated well.

End of Life Care Just For Dogs

At this hospice for dogs, the animals are given a bucket list in their last weeks and months of life. This includes taking them for ice cream on the beach, giving them steak dinners and even McDonald’s meals. Additionally, Ms Coyle throws birthday parties for the dogs because she doesn’t know their exact birth date.

How Is This Project Funded?

The hospice for dogs is entirely funded by Ms Coyle and others fundraising. She spends up to £500 per dog to give them the best end of life possible. She has taken care of dogs for up to a year, some only for two weeks. No dog is left out and they are treated fairly.

With assistance from her two children, Ms Coyle has cared for over 30 dogs and hopes to construct a purpose-built hospice in the future. Many of the canines she has cared for haven’t led good lives. Many were used for breeding and then discarded when no longer viewed as useful.

The aim of the hospice is to care for unloved, terminal dogs and give them safety and respect in their final days of life.

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