Puppy Football Live Stream Set to Help With World Cup Stress

World Cup

The World Cup is extremely exciting for football fans across the globe. Although watching a match with your friends might be fun, things can get stressful, especially in the knockout stages. In order to ease the stress, a live stream of puppies playing football has been launched to keep viewers calm during half time.

World Cup Induced Health Issues

According to the British Medical Journal, the blood pressure and heart rate of football fans drastically increase when watching a match. In some cases, heart rate can more than double from 60 BPM to 120/130 BPM during a tense game. As a result, the possibility of a heart attack increases when watching a closely contested game.

Puppy Football to be a Stress Reliever

In order to help England football fans manage their blood pressure and heart rate, Freshpet have introduced a solution. The pet food provider introduced a puppy football live stream on their Facebook page. Viewers can expect to see English bulldogs play against other dog breeds.

The live stream comes after research indicated that looking at images of baby animals can improve your mental health and reduce physical signs of stress. People need to acknowledge the impact that spectator sports has on the body. For many viewers, experiencing the hormonal, emotional and neurochemical response exhilarating.

Existing Medical Issues Could be Aggrivated

In contrast however, people with certain existing medical issues can have their problems triggered by stress. For these people, having ways of managing stress is extremely important. During the World Cup season, there is an increase in A&E patients who are admitted for cardiac issues because of the stress put on by watching contested football matches.

The aim of the puppy stream is to keep people entertained but also bring down their stress levels during a match. If anything, it is an excellent distraction for people that are otherwise completely stressed and anxious due to football.

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